Semen Diet

Semen Diet
Are you going to get healthier by adding semen to your diet?
You are in the right palce.

Are you going to lose weight by adding semen to every meal?
Man Juice Diet

Are you going to donate semen so you need to improve your nutrition right now?
Semen Donor Diet

The single best thing as a woman you can do for your health,
maybe hardest thing in the world for you to do;
add semen to your diet.

It important to swallow semen from a healthy man more than twice every week.

Read the science:
Semen Therapy .com
Semen Exposure .com

Are you going to tell your man that you want to swallow more than twice every week?

For some of us it is the hardest conversation of our life.

"Honey, I want to start a new diet for my health. It includes your semen."

Some men are going to "jump at the chance." Until they learn how much work it will be for them.

"This does not mean you are getting any more sex."

Then they learn that they are going on a diet too.

"You have to stop smoking and drink less, and never eat another asparagus again!"

Now you man is a little more calm.

"Honey your body makes good stuff I need in my diet. I don't need it in my vagina, it all runs out. I need to ingest it, that means eat or drink, it."

If his body is going to have that good stuff in his semen, then he is going to have to eat and drink the food that have the building blocks for them:

1. Fresh fruit every day.
2. Fruit juice every day, like especially pineapple juice.
3. Fresh uncooked vegetables, everyday. Like a salad, carrots, green pepper, baby snow peas, humus.
4. Vegetable juice every day, like V8 or Calmato.
5. At least a handfull of nuts everyday.
6. At least one mushroom everyday.
7. LOTS of water.

"Somethings get into your semen that I won't eat, cigarette poisons, drugs, fast-food hormones/preservative/dyes/neurotoxins (MSG now called "natural favoring")

And I need it more than twice every week.

That mean if you every masturbate I want your semen mixed into my (yogurt/cottage cheese/humus/sour cream) in the fridge. (And you'd better be looking at pictures of me not some other woman!)

When I give you a blow job, don't start turning me around for intercourse, cum in my mouth.

When we are having intercourse (for my diet), warn me in advance so I can get my mouth on it before you ejaculate.

If you cum in my vagina you'd better have a delicious snack there to put it on as it leaks out of me.

Do not cum into a bag of potato chips and hand them to me. It makes them soggy and mushy. Cum in a chocolate pudding cup, now we are talking.

Don't cum in my drink. Cum in a clean dry glass. Wait 5 minutes. It will liquefy and mix in with anything you pour into the glass. I don't want to swallow chunks of sperm like bubble tea.

Do not mix your cum with my cola. The color separates and it's all messed up.

Don't mix it with wine, the wine gets cloudy.

Do mix it with a Bloody Mary or Bloody Ceaser.

Do mix it with orange juice, or mango juice or pineapple juice.

Yes you may go down on me while I am drinking it.

When you cum, do it into a clean dry glass. Then get me another drink."

Can you ask him to cum on your food?

This is the most convenient for us, but is hard to get right.

While you are cooking, you are distracted and busy, so it's not a good time for you to help him masturbate.

If he can do it, he will have to time it right so that he cums when it's ready to eat.

You could give him your salad in a bowl to cum on, then it will be ready whenever you are.

If there is a sauce you will put over your food he can ejaculate into that. Then you can use it when you want.

If he is good at timing, when you put your plate down on the table he can orgasm while you watch just before you start eating. This is ideal. His sperm is at its freshest and you are ready to dig in. You don't want your food to get cold while you wait for him. So if he is late getting out his load then just start eating, that may get him off faster anyway.

Most couples find it easier to do their Semen Therapy as an evening snack. The kids are in bed. Everyone is relaxed. You maybe playing with his penis anyway. When he cums, he can aim for your plate of cake or cookies or tapioca pudding. Then you can eat while he cuddles you.

Sometimes you can make the therapy a part of your sex routine. Like give him a hand job, using a hot dog bun. Then catch his semen in the bun and have it with a hot dog. Or jerk him off into an chocolate eclaire. Or cut a hole in a melon and have him fuck it. If he likes to be sucked off before work, have him shoot on your breakfast. If you usually have sex in the bedroom, bring a shot glass with you and fill it up. If he uses a condom when making love to you, bring the full condom to the kitchen and empty it onto your food.

Semen in the fridge in a very small air-tight container can last up to a week. But for longer put the container in the freezer. A large container or one that is not air tight will allow his semen to dry out. Out of the fridge semen will "go bad" just like milk. Mixed in with a creamy food in an air-tight container in the fridge (like yogurt, cottage cheese, sour cream, pudding, salad dressing, whipped cream, ketchup, mayonnaise, salsa) his semen will last a week or longer.

What if you don't have a man?

You will have to ask a stranger. This can be easy or hard.

The easiest way is through internet dating (like Semen Therapy Contacts a niche of Adult Friend Finders)

Make a profile with a subtle picture of you (profile in shadow, full body in bra and panties or just breasts etc.) and without your real name, address or phone number.

In your description introduce yourself, likes/dislikes, turn ons/turn offs etc. The sites always help you through it. Then write that you want to do Semen therapy and which method you want (ejaculation in your mouth, watch him cum in a glass or cum on your food). You should always see him ejaculate so that you know exactly what is going into the glass. You then set your limits, you will give him intercourse or just oral sex or just a hand job. Or you won't touch him but he can see you naked as he jerks off, or you will be clothed but will dance for him, or just watch him. You should let him watch you eat his semen so he knows you are not just collecting it for another purpose.

Next decide where you want to meet. Let someone know when he is coming over, or when and where you are going out. Then confirm with them when it is over.

If niether of you can meet at your homes, you can meet in public. it is hard to do, but it is not impossible.

Adult video stores often have "private viewing booths" and you can meet there for the exchange. Inside the booth is a seat and a tv to watch porn on. It typically costs 5$ and is relatively pleasant.

There are also some places that have a "glory hole." These are two separate booths with a hole in the wall between them. You can pass a shot glass back and forth, or he can put his penis through.

There are also Adult Theaters. Here masturbation is tolerated in the seats (except if your date is PeeWee Herman). But if he is discreet he can fill a shot-glass for you there or in the mens room (go into the stall with him to watch the ejaculation).

Meeting in a car is tricky as it might look like prostitution from outside.

Some cities have swinger's clubs.

If prostitution is legal in your area you could pretend to do that. Only offer to do what you want to do. Charge extra to swallow his semen.

If you are fat, really fat, like obese, you can have semen with every meal and become healthy again.

It is the most difficult thing to admit to yourself you have a problem, but admitting it is the first step to recovery.

If you are 5" tall and weight 200lbs you are obese.

You need to go to an internet dating site for overweight women and arrange for mem to cum on all your meals. (try

After three months you will experience dramatic safe rapid fat liquefaction due to a natural process called "cachexia." This is a process sometimes started by cancer treatment. Under those conditions it is undesirable. But in the case of an obese woman, it could be your life saver.

The natural body process heats up the extraneous fat, melting it, to be excreted in the bathroom over time.

It does not reduce muscle mass.

It does not rob your body of nutrition.

It is painless, healthy and natural.

You will be required to swallow more than three loads of semen from healthy men, everyday.

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Semen anti-depresent study

Study: Sex Can Make You Smarter, Less Depressed
Scientists say getting it on is good for the brain.

Is semen good for her mood???

Home > Healthy Living
Extraordinary Things You Can Do With Sperm
Though sperm is mainly used for procreation, it can have extraordinary benefits for everyday life.

In sperm, a crystalline polyamine compound called Spermine can be found. This particular compound is also known as an antioxidant.

It is believed to diminish wrinkles, smooth skin and help with taming or preventing acne.

Not only can sperm provide healthy skin, but also it can be used as an anti-depressant.

In a recent study, researchers demonstrated that women who were directly exposed to semen were less likely to be depressed.

The study stated mood-altering hormones that are present in semen can be absorbed through the vagina. (ed. but are more concentrated swallowed.) Some of these mood-altering chemicals include, but are not limited to prolactin, a natural anti-depressant; oxytocin, which assist in enhancing one's mood and serotonin, a widely known antidepressant neurotransmitter.

The Condom Condemned
By Herbert Ratner
Child & Family 1990

The rubber condom has been with us for over a century despite its relative inefficiency in preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Despite this it has been promoted as the government's principle tool in combating the spread of the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) viruses in genital sex. But the curious fact is that there are investigators who report that the use of the condom is responsible for the sharp increase in breast cancer as well as in eclampsia, the serious toxic disease of pregnancy.(5) Since nature never intended that semen should be trapped in a condom to be discarded, the discovery that semen has additional purposes other than to facilitate fertilization should not come as a surprise. The fact is that the beneficial effects of semen to the woman has a long intriguing history dating back to at least World War I. Knowledge of this, however, was mostly ignored by physicians and more so by the promoters of contraception. Obviously if the promoters of dangerous modern contraceptives keep insisting that The Pill (oral steroids), whose constituents are powerful synthetic chemicals, is safe and effective,(6) one can hardly expect them to do less for a plain rubber sheath. Actually, the new Pill, though less dangerous, is also less effective.

The fact is that in coitus the condom deprives the woman of the male ejaculate intended by nature to be absorbed by the vagina as part of the total generative process. This absorption is the case with all mammalia. Why should the human female be an excep tion? Unfortunately the doctor thinks of semen in one context only. But the function of semen is not restricted to the sperm as a fertilizing agent. Semen also relates to the well-being of the woman.

Semen itself, is largely the product of the prostate gland and the seminal vesicle both of which are glands of external secretions. The prostate is the site of the major production of prostaglandins in the male. In addition it contains numerous other ingredients which are now under investigation.

In a paper entitled "The Intravaginal Absorption of Male Generated Hormones and Their Possible Effect on Female Behavior," (1986)(7) Prof. Ney finds the following constituents in seminal plasma: at least 13 prostaglandins in high concentrations as well as other hormones and other constituents.

If we really believed in the evolution of the mammalian body we would view the collection of constituents as a masterful Prescription compounded by mother nature-the great physician with a vast clinical experience. The average amount of an adult ejaculation, about one teaspoonful-a familiar medical dosage, could be viewed as the prescription of a very wise and experienced doctor who knows precisely what she is doing and who has even calculated the proper dosage.

by Arne N. GJORGOV, M.D., PH.D
An in-depth historical review by the scholar H. Ratner (24) of the “salutary effects of absorbed semen” during sexual act, the loss of well-being because of absence of the “built-in prescription of Mother Nature for wellness,” the link of condom to breast cancer and preeclampsia, and the saying of M.Stopes, London 1918, that “[I]t is a fact that many women suffer intensely when in their sex relations they are deprived of the semen, either by the practice of coitus interruptus or through the use of a condom” were presented.

A low intake of antioxidant nutrients is associated with poor semen quality in patients attending fertility clinics

Young men with a high daily intake of full-fat dairy may be risking their chance of having children, US researchers have claimed.

Biology of Reproduction
Walnuts Improve Semen Quality in Men Consuming a Western-Style Diet: Randomized Control Dietary Intervention Trial1
Wendie A. Robbins2,3,
Lin Xun4,
Leah Z. FitzGerald4,
Samantha Esguerra4,
Susanne M. Henning5, and
Catherine L. Carpenter5

10 Shocking Sexual Traditions from around the World

How India Views SemenSwallowing
Men in this study also referred to semen as dhatu. The word dhatu also means ‘vital essence’ which is analogous to birjo. The Bangla word birjo used to mean semen. They also used the word mal (valuable goods) to indicate semen. Thus, the symbolic meaning of birjo is wealth and power of men.